To My Journal 167

“And then the Truth is Found”
Last night I realized something that blew my mind
“That Experience takes Time!”
10 Years ago I moved back to Montana thinking that
I was on a Short Mission, one which would be quick,
because I Thought that I knew what I wanted.
I have no idea that the Experience would take 10 Years!!
I wanted to learn Who I Really was,
Why I have the Nature I have
and Where my Loyalty lies.
Through choosing to learn this lesson
I Agreed to opening up myself to Self Growth & to Truth!
I see why there was Tears in the Eyes of the one I left,
Far more aware was that person that I knew,
“than I thought.”
Last night I learned what that person must have known back then,
That it takes Time to Learn & Experience “You”,
and the Amount of time which it will take will Depend
upon the Person & the Experience ( or Lesson) that they choose.
Although what I thought would take 1 year took 10,
I am Grateful ;D
I have come from the Experience Clear in Mind, Body & Soul
and Aware
that You Must Let Go of the Desire to Save others
and Instead Love & Trust that when they decide to Find & Follow the Truth,
that They Will be Lead through the Chaos & into Our Parents Arms!
Everything Works out Fine!
“I see you!”

Written by Nikki I Shiva

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