To submit your Art to the Gallery

Here at The Universal Artists Website we allow our artists freedom of artistic selection. We are aware that some galleries limit the artists paintings, constricting what maybe displaced on their site. Yet our theme here is Art which is the expression of the artist in all of their variables allowing the artist room to explore and grow.

We have a 25 percent gratuity for painting, drawings or photographs sold on the site by individual artists and a 40 percent gratuity for Galleries. We handle the shipping and the handling unless the artist would prefer to ship out their own art.

We allow other Galleries to utilize our assistance for promoting their art and will only charge if an art piece is requested through our online site. Otherwise we will only charge a fee of 15.00 to promote up to four specific pieces to be shown on our site.

Shipping and handling would be handled by the Guest Gallery and so would inspection of product. We would be providing for the Guest Gallery the publicity from our followings.

We require from the customer the payment for the artifact before shipping and handling via Paypal. We do not charge the artist for the shipping fees and product. If sent to us the art piece or pieces must be inspected and be in top condition for shipping, which we provide in a timely manner between four to six weeks.

If you have any further questions please contact us at

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