Volunteer time at the Billings,MT Zoo

Hi, Guys!!

​ I wanted to send out a volunteer request to the beautiful artists that I know. I was recently approached by a friend who works for HRDC. She said once a year they create a fun day for kids at the zoo where children get their faces painted and get to see the animals for free. She said that it is a way to give back to the committee and asked me if I could gather together several artists who would be willing to donate 6 hrs of their time to help children. Now I know many fabulous artists and I also know many amazing people, so I agreed to try. The date of their event is June 15. You can bring your little ones in to enjoy the day as a trade, but they need around 30 artists since last year’s show brought over 10,000 people. Please reply to this or DM me if you are willing to volunteer 6 hrs of your time. FYI it falls on a Thursday. Thanks 😀

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