What a Wonderful Art Idea

As you know my name is Nikki Shiva, and a profound idea has just come to me. Each of you were chosen because of your unique skill and love for art.
For the first time in history there are beings from all walks of life showing their compassion for self expression, for love of empowerment and for supporting others in their pursuit for those same things.
I feel that currently on a global scale we are looking for a change. The art community has grown on a scale never seen before yet at the same time Art is being taken out of many communities. I believe that this is the age to take Art and make it a Global community.
Imagine a way to have children from all over the world have the opportunity to learn Art from a Master Artist!
These artists can be owners of any form of art company, musicians, sculptures, dancers, poets etc.
Anyone who wishes can be supportive of the world community and offer to participate in the teaching of the young.
I am asking for those of you to show an interest in seeing a Global change that will only rely on the desires of others to make their change for our world.
“I see you!”
Written by Nikki I Shiva

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