What women have been taught & What men knew but haven’t said

As a Woman I remember being taught that you have to be strong! You have to be stern! You have to control the behaviors of those around you and make sure they are acting appropriately.
The idea of being a women is hard, because from young you are taught these things be your mother, grandmother, aunts and even friends. You are to love yes but also to discipline.
Strangely enough, we are known by men to be mothers. Protective, nurturing, forgiving and patient!
When a woman has a son, she is protective, fair, understanding, and loving. She may not let her son have everything he wants but she shows him how to share! love! and give of himself unconditionally!
Where the line breaks is hard to say, maybe it is when a girl likes a boy and is mean to him by hitting him that he begins to hold in his emotions. Or it could be when a boy like a girl, his first crush and she stomps all over his heart that he begins to see women differently.
For women I wonder if it is the opposite where the boy she likes doesn’t acknowledge her, maybe a boy is mean to her or uses her for his own pleasure and then lies or misleads her.
I don’t know, I just feel deep down inside we all know that we are all looking for love from each other and bringing to light that we really do like each other, maybe all we need to learn to respect each other for who we are!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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