Wonderful info about Fractal Art

Hi Guys!
Many have asked for more information about Fractal Art so my business partner Tim Urlacher took the time to provided that information at BigSkyFractal
What we are wanting to do is to help those who are interested in furthering their knowledge of Fractal Art, as well as to educate the masses on the beauty behind Fractal Art.
We love the many forms of art available to day, and love having a place to convey our love for art, and although we have displayed many forms of art over the last few years, Fractal Art has provided a large room of diversity for us.
Fractal Art is not new, although many think that it is, and it is because of this misconception that Tim  has decided to write the tutorials. Everything evolves and Fractal Art is the evolvement of traditional art.
Fractal Art has the ability to change how art is expressed, used, seen, and experienced and as our company grows we will be able to share that diversity with you.
Cheers to Evolution!
“I see you”
Written by Nikki Shiva

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