Would you know yourself if?

Would you know yourself if you were walking by?

Would you know yourself in a photo album?

Would you know yourself if you were blind?

Would you know yourself from the inside out?

Funny thing is you may not. Have you ever seen

The movie The Never Ending Story? that is an

Amazing movie and I love it, mainly

Because there is a scene in the story where the

Main character in the movie who is reading the

Book finds out that he is in the

Story reading about himself, oh my how I loved that

Part!  also here is one from my experience. I

Used to Model and once I went to visit a friend of mine

Who at the time asked me and some other people

To take some pictures for him. A few years pass and

I went to visit his new agency. When I got there He was on

A call so I was flipping through some of his Modeling albums

And one person caught my eye, when he got off the call I

Said “oh she is really pretty”  and he laughed and told me it

Was me. Honestly I was aghast I really liked the picture and

had been modeling, yet he picked up something that no

One else had and I did not believe it was me.. So do you think

You would know yourself??

Written by Nikki E Poseidon

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