New product launch by Nikki Shiva at June 1st art show downtown Billings, MT

Hi Guys! I have started setting up some of my artwork at Barjon’s. I have also decided that at this show to launch one of my new bath salts. I have been approached by several people with arthritis and other body aches who asked if I could create an oil to help them with their issues. I decided to create these bath salts with this in mind. They are made with Epsom salt and dead sea salt a few other salts and oils with holistic healing properties. I have gotten several thumbs up and so wanted to add it to my products. Hope to see you all at Barjon’s on June 1st


Success is the name of the game and the goal for the future! This last art show was a success launching my new style of art, launching my new perfume oils and helping to reach clients in my community who haven’t heard of me. I Natures Essence was the name of our art event which I created with 3 other artists; Jim Seaton. Hillary Taylor, Mike Turley,  Daniel Bisso our coordinator and myself.
We focused on sharing our individual concepts of Nature. We were granted the space for the show by Sharli Jo Ziebarth owner of Limber Tree located in downtown Billings, MT. Guests expressed how elated they were by the evolutionary progress my artwork has taken since many that evening had seen my earlier work (which was first launched in 2012 at the YAM downtown Billings.MT).
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​Nikki Shiva

New art piece by Shiva Sly Designs

Good morning Everyone 😀 I wanted to show you some of my newest art pieces. We will start with one of my favorites. This piece is called “Crada” and brings a feeling of serenity and peace. The image is of Elemental beings flying through the night sky and as the stars shower the earth these elemental, seal children’s dreams with love!This is available for purchase at

Custom Fragrance oils!

Hi Everyone!
​So until I work out how I wish to create my very first perfume party where people come to my house to sample the new fragrances that I have created 😀 I have decided to offer you guys something unique! I am offering for 1-week custom-made fragrance oils for 25.00! This is a unique blend that I will make just for you and for an additional 5.00 I will send you a sample of Alluer! So everyone who knows me knows that I love to blend scents and I have made several for friends who have asked “can you make a custom blend” These friends have suggested that I offer this in addition to the fragrances oils that I recently launched like “Alluer, Necteria Fresca, and Wildcat”. I like this idea because it will help me to expand my skills and show what I can do 😀 I will begin this offer soon giving me time to have this promotion added to my store for purchase. Also once I have created your unique scent I will share with you what the scents are and the medicinal properties that it offers (if any) and keep the ingredients for you for your future purchases. Keep an eye out for my new commercial because I will launch this offer shortly after 😀 Have a Great day! PS Any questions DM me.

Nikki Shiva
Shiva Sly Designs

New Art Piece by Shiva Sly Designs

Hi everyone! Here is another piece from the April 6th art walk which is called “Abstract Sea Lion” the original name was Abstract Sea Serpent but after many peoples expression of what they saw I decided to change the name. This piece is to take you to the depths of the ocean and experience the mysterious fantasies that lie there. This is available for sale at in my gallery!

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Hi Guys! We are getting closer to the day of the Artwalk and WOW is there a lot of work still left! I am excited about the launching of my new art pieces as well as my fragrance oils and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!

New Artwork and Perfume Logo

Hi Guys! Well, I still have one project left before my artwork is ready!! Since I know that everyone can’t make this show I want you to know that I will be publishing the photos taken at the art show here, so keep an eye out for that!! For now here is an image of one of my art pieces which is called “Sea Creatures” Some of the art pieces will be mounted while I have chosen to leave some as just the print for you to frame to your liking!
I am also attaching the image of my new fragrance bottle logo, which will also be featured at this event! (These are handblown refillable glass bottles for 20.00 to 35.00 each, with sizes running from 2″-3.5″. All refills cost 10.00 and the order must be placed at They come in scarlet red, golden yellow, majestic blue, royal purple, teal green, and decorative assorted glass. We also have the traditional oil bottles available 5ml-30ml) By the way I am excited to say I have a commercial in the process of being made right now for my perfume oils! And have had amazing success with my fragrances! Hurrah! I will keep you guys up to date! See you soon!

ShivaS Fragrance Launches!

Hi Guys! Because I am launching my oils at the April 6th #Artwalk I wanted to share a bit about the oils and bottles. For more information please visit and I will be writing a more engaging article after the event! Have a Great day 😀

Looking for a new fragrance to drive your spouse wild?

Hi Guys! Looking for a new fragrance that will make people stop? “Our Designer Unisex Fragrance Perfume Oils are 100% concentrated fragrance oils. Our perfume oils are 100% pure perfume oil without alcohol or fillers. With many companies, you are paying for the designer bottles or scents which have been diluted with water or alcohol causing you to lose the fragrance quickly. With ours, your fragrance will remain with you longer making you feel fresh and alluring for several hours.” Sample bottles are now 4.99 plus shipping!