Have you ever had an Ex

Why do they have to show how ugly they really are

When you break up?

Why can’t they be reasonable, move on, take a

Different path, try to better themselves, learn to tell

The truth, I DON’T KNOW, be more than who they are..

I have had only 2 Ex’s in my life that I could remain

Friends other than that the others are  BLAH!

What about you? How do you help them to be more than

BLAH??? I feel sorry for them though, they have no will

To be better….

Artists are the influence of the World

Take a moment to grasp this,

I was reading about another Artist

This morning when he mentioned

His preference to avoid using

Profanity which I could relate to,

And then I commented that as Artists

We should present our best foot forward

Which is why I am now writing this

Be a true Influential Artist by being

A positive influence on the World

The negative influences have been in

The spotlight for long enough lets

Teach something different Now!

Written by Nikki E Poseidon