Thank You Press

Thank you Press for supporting us!

Hi Guys! This is a shot out Thank you to “The Fame Addict”  for there wonderful support.
We are very excited for the Skate/Long boards and will be featuring them in our next Art Show :D!
Thank you 😀
Thank you Susanna Mahoney from MTMC2-Life
for supporting our Giffirmations

Thank you Brian Vlasak from  Artistic Innovators Daily
for supporting our Giffirmations

I too know how exciting it is to write things that you love as well as the people. Many of us owe our recognition to those supportive press releases, that are written by you, as well as, released by you.
This is my Thank you, to all of you 🙂
Tom Fulp from NewGrounds, Brian Vlasak from Artistic Innovators and Artistic Daily, I am a Creativ, Kame studios,  Limey59music from  ReverbNation Indie music, Susanna Mahoney from MTMC2, BejahNews  from The Breaking News daily, David Martinez Romero from Eldorado Entertainment,

Written by Wildcat Enigma

There are times when you see your life change and a smile spreads across your whole being,
this is what happened to me just now!
I want to Thank BubbleBladder for a review they so graciously took the time to write.
I appreciate their perspective about my new show The Woo’s
and just want to say to them
“Keep watching it will only get better!”
Checkout this charming piece
I am so Grateful when someone takes the time to write about me!
When artist write about other artist they tend to look
deeply into your work, & appreciate the uniqueness of the artist
I Thank Tim Urlacher from Silver Planes for that?
I would like to Thank David Martinez Romero from Eldorado Entertainment Magazine
for being supportive of my work. It means so much to me
to have him take the time to write about my website & share what I am doing!
Thank you David 😀
I would like to give a Big Thank you to Susanna Mahoney from MTMC2
for taking the time to add an article about my website & my music.
Thank you so much, I love awaking to such Great Support!

I love how special people can make you feel
especially when they show that appreciation as quickly as these guys did!!
Because The Woo’s are my babies like my Music
I am truly Happy when you guys like what I do 😀
Addicted To The Fame
The Fame

Thanks! Namaste 😀

Hi, I am going International 😀
I am so happy when people like my work & my Affirmations are Gifts s
I am truly honored when they are appreciated 😀
Thank you
Rational Chica ‏@SpiritOLou!education

Thank you

There is nothing better than starting off your day feeling appreciated!
Thank you Brian Vlaska  for doing that for me!
Artistic Innovators’ Daily

I really want to Thank All of the Press that I have gotten over the last year!
Thank you David Martinez Romero! For always sharing my music and,
the other Great press people are helping me to make a Name for myself..
Thank you sooo much!!
Eldorado Entertainment Magazine

I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing my music like this,
it is an Honor to have been chosen to be in someone else’s playlist 😀
This is my first & for that Thank you
for being the first to share my music in a playlist TWICE with the world
I must be one of the few who feels Appreciated for All
of my creative expressions 😀
My writing is very dear to me, because it is reflective in Everything I do.
I Thank You Soo Much Antoine Angot for your Support!!! 😀!stories
I do Thank First Night for appreciating my Poem from
My Nightly Journal 93
I love all of the Support which All of the Magazines have should me 😀
Thank you!
Sweet!! You Guys are soooo sweet!
Brian 😀 Thank you for your continual support!!!photos
“Brian Vlasak has been such a Supportive Journalist of my different Art Styles,
That I am unsure how to show my appreciation more than to say
Thank you Sooo much for always being there as encouragement :D”!art_entertainment
First Night Design is very quickly becoming a Wonderfully Supportive Group!
I love the fact that I can be me and be appreciated for that
Thank you!!art_entertainment
I am very Grateful to you David Martinez Romero,
one of the ones showing support from the beginning
I am glad to see that you are such a Great Supportive person!
Thank you 😀
It is such a privilege to have support
from the many Great Journalist
I Thank you very much Susan Mahoney  for your continued support 😀
I do not know how many Artist
can say they have the Best of the Best
in their corner, but I know that I can!
Thank you Susan Mahoney for your support in All of my Art!!leisure
May I Always be so Lucky to have the support of you
all pf the Journalist and I Truly want to
Thank David Martinez Romero for his continued Support!world
Thank you so much Fame for your support :D!leisure
I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU
Brian Vlasak for all of your support.
Through my many changes & many more to come,
you have shown true support to my creative endeavors
Hi everyone! I am giving a big shout out “Thank you” to Andrew Cook
for supporting my Grand Opening of my Reiki & Art Studio last night!
It was a Great turn out with Great people. Thank you Again ;D
I am soo happy to be in the “Art Walk in Billings MT I wil be sharing the post here
“Fragments of Fractals in the Big Sky” is a special, one-time event for Holiday ArtWalk held in the lower level of the Valley Credit Union Building. Digital artists Tim Urlacher, Nikki Shiva and Kent Savage are fascinated by Fractals, their symmetry, the endless possibilities that exist within the math of each individual piece, and the strange,yet beautiful images they produce. Shown here is Savage’s “Starfield in Blue.”
This is being Shared on Face Book
Hi Guys ;D Here is a post from “Lively Times of Montana” of the up coming “Art Walk”

and there is more to come ;D

HI! Today we officially have been excepted in the “Yellowstone  Art Museum” located at 401 N 27th St Billings, MT  & will be featured on Tuesday the 18th
We are so excited and there is 1 more to come! ;D
I was honored to awaken and see a tweet from David Martinez Romero from Eldorado Entertainment Magazine this morning 😀Eldorado
David has been there from the beginning and I am sooo Grateful for his on going support of my work. Thank so much David ;D

You have been accepted to Downtown Billings’ 2017 Traffic Signal Box program! We are so excited to have one of your pieces adding to the vibrancy and culture of our city. You can look for your acceptance letter, w9 form, and artist contract in the mail as early as this week. The contract will outline the project timeline and hopefully answer any questions that you have. However, you may feel free to contact us at the Downtown Billings Alliance any time with further concerns and inquiries:

Hi, Everyone! Here in the city of Billings, MT there has been a project called the “Traffic Signal Box Program” which was created to beautify the downtown area with local artist’s artwork. The members of the program will commission an artist to create an art piece to be used on the traffic signal boxes. This year I was nominated and will have my art piece shown! I am very excited and wanted to share this exciting news. The art piece is set to show on Sept 17th! I will provide more information once we get closer to the date and the unveiling! Hurrah!! ​