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Nikki – AKA – Wildcat Enigma music page.
Here is a convenient way to have it all. YouTube videos and my latest songs at your convenience Sweet!

Nikki Shiva presents “Inner World”

Inner World can be seen as a glimpse into the soul or as the layers of a fractal being delved into, you decide what it means to you..
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Nikki Shiva presents “Eternal Death” A Mandelbulb Video

The music was created by Wildcat Enigma and the song is What are you from. visit https://www.reverbnation.com/wildcatenigma
and http://www.bigskyfractals.com

Nikki Shiva & Tim Urlacher presents a collaboration of 3D MandelBulb Animation

This video has been created for Big Sky Fractals, to demonstrate the depth & complex abilities of MandelBulb 3D For more information email [email protected]

Nikki Shiva presents
An Original MandelBulb Video “What an Abstract World”
Wildcat Enigma

This is a world where faces are hidden and messages are told. You may look at the image once and see something entirely new when looked at again, or will your mind be trapped in the dancing Energy ball? Wonder into this world & dare to come out!

Nikki Shiva presents
An Original MandelBulb Video “Remove your mask”
Wildcat Enigma

Nikki Shiva presents An Original MandelBulb Video “Remove your mask” by Wildcat Enigma We all have layers, in this meditation video you focus on the removal of masks.
For more information contact [email protected]

Wildcat Enigma presents “Peaceful Droplets Naturally”

This is the first of a new line of Meditation Video’s I will be using in my Focal Meditation Sessions (I may not publish them all, but here’s a sample). Each video is made in Mandelbulb 3D. I also create the music which will reflect a different vibration for meditation. For more information contact [email protected]


Wildcat Enigma’s “All Roads Lead You Here” presents “Mystical Creatures”a MandelBulb 3D Animated Abstract music Video .


I love being introduced to new things and once again I owe a Thank you to Tim Urlacher for this new toy ;D Such fun!! This is my first animated 3D video and there will be more to come. This was created with Mandlebulb 3D & Movie Maker.

“A Waltz with the Count”

This is an entrancing song reflecting the 19 century Waltz style music. See the Counts hands wrapped around your waist as he leads you in this dance and be mesmerized by the slow movement of the swaying Candle.

“Thump your crotch” the Official music video

“Thump Your Crotch to this” the official music video is now available , enjoy
Here we have an experimental expression, incorporating Jenga pieces for scenery. We take you through the icy snow and the cobble stones of life’s destruction, where Nike victory of power stands strong!!
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In this video I create scenes for Shiva as the Destroyer dancing to Si A Mio. Each scene was choreographed  in our home and then recorded. May you feel connected and overcome with peace.

Here we have a creative reflection of Bugs dancing the jitter in the night. Thanks to my fellow bugs for helping make this video,
Timothy Urlacher, Cheyenne Ford, Colt Miller, Marvin Ford
Welcome to my tribute to Pacman. Tim Urlacher created the characters. The music and directing was done by Wildcat Enigma aka Nikki I Shiva. Let it take you back in time when things were just fun!
Everyone was a fan of Arcade games and Cruis’n USA World was definitely mine! I created, stop motioned & choreographed this video featuring my new song Howling Bird & To hear Angels. Lets take a fast ride through this video
Love triangles exist everywhere!
If you pay attention someone is always in love with someone,
who is always in love with someone else.
In this video I present to you “Love Circles”
I am trying out animated music video’s now.
This is my Abstract art piece in Rhythm with my new song ” RETRO HOUTHOUSE”